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The Makers

Aug 5, 2022 | Blog

Island Makers 

When I moved to the Island I expected the incredible views and the amazing beaches but what surprised me was just how many incredibly talent people have chosen to live here.

Of course it’s not surprising that many artists have made this beautiful Island their home, but the number of ceramicists, sculptors, woodworkers, textile artists, jewellers and photographers here is crazy! Seriously, you can’t walk 5 feet without tripping over yet another incredibly talented person (or Hollywood superstar for that matter). ¬†For example, not so long ago I was sat out in the water with another 5 or 6 surfers, and I realised that the line up consisted of a writer, a photographer, a musician, a board shaper, a stuntman, an actor and me. Both amazing and overwhelming.

One of these talented islanders (and surfers) is photographer Jon Line. I met Jon when I first came to the island and volunteered with the charity The Wave Project, and have known him as a surfer ever since. In the last year or two though, I’ve discovered his beautiful photography and his insta account is one of my favourites.

Earlier in the year Jon told me that he was working on a series of photo’s about Makers based on the Island and asked if he could come to the studio and shoot me working. Obviously there was only one answer.

So a couple of weeks ago I babbled on for a couple of hours about why I do what I do, while he took photo’s. The result is as beautiful as I expected, and I feel very lucky to have been included in his project.

You can see Jon’s work and the whole of The Maker series Here